Togura, Japan – Day 4(a)

Breakfast was a much simpler fare compared to dinner. A serving of tororo with lots of side condiments. Some kind of grains in hot pot and unlimited serving of rice.

rice condiments
The rest of the rice condiments and fresh salad. I was pretty much amazed that I could eat 2 bowls of rice!

towards togura station
Check out was 10am (promptly) and the shuttle bus was provided to the Togura station. The view of the surrounding for the hot spring town. Weather was really great!

togura station
The station was as usual old school like in the late 80s.

green tea ice mochi
Green tea cream filling iced mochi, supposed to be eaten ice cold and part of the dessert from the night before but too stuffed to eat it.  Mochi was already all soft when I had it the morning but it was still yummy. I think I would try to buy it in future.

leaving togura towards matsumoto
On the rapid train south bound toward Matsumoto for the Nagano exploration.

towards matsumoto
Blue sky, green fields and hilly land scape along the 1.5 hours ride

Life is such a bliss 🙂


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