Lei Garden

Lei Garden
Had another opportunity to try the food at Lei Garden’s again. It had been at least 2 years since I ate here. This place really burns a hole out of your pocket, that is why I can only visit this place only after more than 2 years 😛

which is your food?
Live seafood show!

fish soup
1st up would be Fish soup, I was a bit surprised to see nothing but clear soup as I am used to getting more than liquids in my soup. The soup was flavorful but I personally felt that the flavors were brought out due to the msg rather than the real ingredients to broil it.

steamed mantis prawn
This was pretty interesting, steamed mantis prawn..It was huge and I wondered if the yellow sauce were from the prawn or just normal yolk so it would be rather sinful to have a whole plate of prawn roe on your plate……

hairy crabs
It was the season for hairy crab! So 1 crab on order to be shared. It was tiny one but packed with rich and flavorful roe. Ok this one was really sinful and seriously, besides the roe…I don’t think there was nothing much to rave about the hair crab….but the roe was really good.

steamed garupoa
Ok, this was the one which burned a huge hole out of our wallets, (the Sentosa issue came to my mind) but my fish was 10 orders cheaper than the one who got onto the news but still it was really expensive. But it was FRESH LIVE STEAMED fish!

layered tofu
The signature dish from Lei Garden, Thousand layer tofu. It was pretty looking and a healthy choice! We were really impressed with how thinly sliced the tofu was and was not broken.

mango dessert
Mango was the magic word at dessert, mango coconut balls, mango pudding and mango puree with pomelo….


30 Victoria Street, Chimjes


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