USA Drugstore Hauls

OPI and mascara
The 1st haul from was really mini, only 1 new OPI nail polish and 1 L’oreal Mascara. Yeah, the drugstore prices for USA drugstore items are really much cheaper compared to the local ones.

the exciting haul
Then 1 week later, there was a 20% discount on the website and so I decided to splurge (since drugstore was tax free too!) I got both the highly coveted Clarisonic Mia and NARS blush. These 2 items are highly reviewed in most beauty blog so I don’t think I need to make any more introduction to them. (just Goggle!)

clarisonic mia
I originally wanted to get the pink Mia but it comes with a moisturizer that I know I wont use so I ended up ordering the yellow (since the white one was out of stock) which comes with the recommended Clarisonic hydro cleanser.

magnetic charger
What was interesting to me was the how this little gadget was being charged. The charger is actually magnetic and stick together when placed near. This is quite nifty as I was wondering before, how did they manage to make it water proof? 1st charge was 24 hours and each time you turn on the cleanser, it can operate for 1 minute before it auto turns off. Although recommended as a daily (or twice a day) cleansing, I only use it 2-3 times a week. So far, I haven’t seen much of the claims from some reviews that says the pores were minimized and skin become smoother etc (maybe I am not using it enough) But my face do feel extremely clean after each wash and so far, I have yet to have any break outs. (touch wood!) I do not feel that my face was tight or stripped out after using it. The only thing is that you cannot physically see the dirt removed from your face as compared to the Hitachi Face Crie Ion Cleanser (NC-560)

brush replacement
The Mia would come with a sensitive skin brush head which would come with a recommended 90-120 days brush use, I picked up an additional pair of the delicate skin brush replacement since there was a discount. I chose delicate skin brush replacement as I read on most of the reviews that they found that the bristles are soft and feels much better.

NARS orgasm
Picked up a new powder blush and I have been hankering on it for a long long time. NARS in Orgasm, 1 of their most populars colors. The blush is really pigmented as seen on the swatch that it does really goes on heavy and I don’t usually like that much of a blush on my face but when you even it out. The color does spread out and you can see the specks of gold in it. Haven’t got the chance to wear it out……hopefully soon 🙂

Thanks to Abraxis and my co-worker for hauling these back for me 🙂

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