Paradise Dynasty

This eatery on the 4th floor of ION is adorned with wood pillars and setting set to replicate the imperial courts from the Qing dynasty.

garlic pork
Kicked off with some garlic sauce sliced pork….the garlic with the soy sauce kick in a punch if you like something spicy and full of garlic flavor.

Multi colored Xiao long bao
The main attraction from this restaurant would be the different flavors of Xiao Long baos. You can do a sampling of the different flavors by ordering the sampler.
The 8 flavors of the Xiao Long baos are

1. Original – fresh pork filling in a sweet soup broth
2. Ginseng – herbal goodness of ginseng and pork soup dumpling (green)
3. Foie Gras – a touch of French luxury with the tradition taste (brown)
4. Black Truffle – taste of black truffle (black)
5. Cheese – a novel combination (yellow)
6. Crab Roe – delicate crab roe infused with pork (orange)
7. Garlic – A simple twist by just adding fragrant garlic (grey)
8. Szechuan – spice up your palate from a touch of chilli oil and peppercorns (pink)

Seriously, you have to eat these with an open mind…if you have a mind that they would taste like your usual XLB from Din Tai Fung than you are so wrong. Some of the flavors are really an acquired taste and my favorite would still be the original and garlic but the foie gras would be second in my list. Cheese in XLB would be last in the least. 🙂

The noodles there were normal in my standard with a thick broth. Nothing too interesting.

2 Orchard Turn #04-12A ION Orchard

My usual dessert jaunt, but don’t trust the servers when they recommend you drink out of their tea list. This pink smoothie with sakura flowers infused in was down right to the taste of cough syrup that I really wondered how did Abraxis managed to finish it. 😛


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