National Museum of Singapore (Singapore History Gallery)

the start
Had a pair of tickets that was going to expire for the Singapore history and living gallery and so we set off at 4pm to begin our exploration. If you ever decide to explore the galleries, give yourself ample time as we realize later that 2 hours were not enough to finish exploring the galleries if you also want to check out everything the ticket allows you to. The journey started with a green companion once you start at the entrance which would be your audio guide for the entire journey.

Sir Raffles
You would come to a choice of heading towards the history path through major events or the personal paths depicting the stories of the people who built Singapore. There would come to a point where you can always backtrack to explore every path of the Singapore history.

early singapore
I chose the personal path to listen to the stories of the various forefathers (and mothers) who built Singapore


singapore post 40s
Before heading to the events path to look at the various events that build up to the current home, Singapore that we had.

Definitely interesting and we were like back to our student days exploring, listening to stories, figuring which path to take …some things that you forget after you enter the university of Society.

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