Rider’s Cafe

What a better way to chill on a weekend, apparently we do have some really quiet places away from the urban jungle in our little red dot. The day was cooling after rain, so the air did smelled crisp but I hope you all would not mind the whiffs of horse manure some times.

riders cafe
Almost reminded me of Dempsey eateries…..but the horsey smells does put a distinctive trademark to it and the oh so inaccessibility to the place unless you are willing to call a taxi or have transportation means.

afternoon munchies
It an afternoon of catching up of 2 ladies who had known each other over a span of 14 years (and counting) and a day difference in our birthdays and stark contrast in our heights 😛 But jokes aside, I am thankful to have such special friends in my life, building up all my memories and helping me to become what I am today. We never cease to have any lack of conversation even though we do not meet often due to different commitments in our lives.

view from the table
Besides the good company, looking out from our table. I almost forgot that I was in Singapore. Isn’t it great to see some lush green fields after the rain at times and away from the urbanization?

51 Fairways Drive Bukit Timah Saddle Club

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