Pompeii & Deli Moroccan

A chance encounter that the Pompeii exhibition was on free admission when the group of us headed there. Although there was a crowd but it wasn’t that bad, since it was FREE. It was interesting to take a look at the life of the people at that period but it was still over whelming sad to see the resin casts of the people who died from the ashes and embalmed in eternity.

beach road area
Dinner was at another part of Singapore which I rarely go

Kampung Glam area and I was really intrigued by the colors and how many people were actually hanging out there too.

kmg glam
Dinner choice was at a extremely popular Moroccon food eatery which was packed by 8pm with more customers streaming in. Be prepared for non-responsive staff due to the lack of help. It wasn’t that bad for us as we were not in a hurry for time.

chick pea hummus
Chick pea hummus and some bread to kick off.

meat stews
The kufta is a basic and essential type of Moroccon food where the meats are grounded and stewed with the tajine. We had the beef, chicken and lamb kufta and don’t they look the same? They did and they tasted almost the same to me!

mint tea
Classic Moroccon Mint tea with spearmint in shot glasses! I love the tea from this entire meal…….It was very refreshing and almost tasted like swallowing alot of spearmint gums into your stomach 😛

30 Bussorah Street Singapore


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