Kuriya Penthouse

Kuriya Penthouse
Kuriya Penthouse, part of the RE&S Group, is the much more upscale chain of the Kuriya restaurants.

Kuriya Penthouse: Interior
I guess I wouldn’t go to this place if not for the special occasion and I got to admit that I was impressed and I ate so much that I nearly had my stomach bursting to the seams. The interior of the restaurant was tastefully decorated and with huge drop down windows where you can see the views of Orchard.

Welcome drink
Upon arrival, before whisking you to your table, you are invited to the bar corner for the welcome drink where there is a few selections of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink choices.

About 10 minutes later, the friendly server would direct you to the table. If you had made your reservation early enough, you would get the window seat where you would be able to enjoy the rest of the Chef Omasake course meal with the view. Omasake course is like a degustation meal where the chef would come up with a menu from the ingredients he had….

Starter: Herring Roe with Tofu
The 1st starter would be the Herring roe paired with homemade tofu.

Starter: New Year Zoni
The 2nd starter, New Year Zoni which was made of pan fried salmon with rice cake in sake based soup. The salmon was great and the sake made the soup tasted uniquely different.

Puffer fish sashimi
There was a choice of 4 different types of sashimi for selection, my choice would be the Fugu (puffer fish) sashimi. My 1st try with puffer fish and while eating it, the thought of me being poisoned to death did flash across me 😛 I kinda like the sashimi over the skin.

The other sashimi choice made was the 4 kinds of sashimi consisting of amaebi, tune, fatty salmon and cuttlefish.

Starter: Persimmons
The 3rd starter was some kind of marinated persimmons from Japan.

Entree 1: Grilled Pork toro with salad
My 1st main would be the grilled pork toro with salad and it was the best ever grilled pork I ever had. The moment the server brought it out, the smell already captivated our attention. Although glistening with oil but the crispy exterior and the juicy meat was a great combination with the salad dashed with balsamic vinegar.

Entree 1: Yellowtail teriyaki
The 1st main choice for my dinning partner in crime, would be buri (yellowtail) teriyaki. The fish was really soft but not overcooked but I definitely preferred my grilled pork 😛

Starter: sweetened dried sardine
The 4th and last starter would be sweetened dried sardine.

Entree 2: steamed foie gras with beancurd skin
The 2nd main choice for me would steamed foe gras with beancurd skin. The taste was just average as steamed foe gras is actually not as tasty as it was pan fried.

Entree 2: Puffer Fish Hotpot
The other main chosen was the puffer fish mini hot pot (again, death from poison flashed across my mind) I guess people do not mind taking the risk with exotic food? I think the fish meat was a little tough but sweet.

Rice choice was assorted sushi and I was surprised that the sea urchin did not taste too fishy. So far, the best sea urchin I had was in Hokkaido where it was sweet and not fishy. Some times, even the ones I had in Tokyo had a little fishy smell but not once I got to taste something not that fishy in Singapore. This was actually “the freshest” in my Singapore standard.

Chicken and vegetable claypot rice
Chicken and vegetable claypot. The thoughtfulness of the Japanese service could be well seen here. 1st they placed the hot clay pot away from the guest so that they would not accidentally burn themselves, next would be that the rice scoop was placed separately in a small container fill with water.

outdoor sitting for dessert
Dessert could either be served at your table or the out door garden. I was glad that a Singapore restaurant have this concept as the last time I had lunch at a Kobe restaurant and dessert was served in another corner so to free up the dinning area for the new patrons. Usually, the dessert corner is more cosy and they even had a mobile cooler for the guests sitting outside.

Dessert selection
I was told that desserts would be a surprise and it was! It was a free flow of mousse and fruits…..

How could I resist a free flow of Hokkaido honeydews and Aomori apples, so I just kept on eating and eating and eating…..and stomach really burst! 😛
I definitely would head back here again for another special occasion 🙂

181 Orchard Rd #12-02 S238896

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