Fukuichi Japanese Dining


A premiere japanese dining restaurant in Japan with over 100 years of history in Japan, Fukuichi Japanese Dining is finally in Singapore. Set out over 4000 sq ft of warm Japanese ambience, the 200-seat Fukuichi encompasses a Sushi Bar, Tatami Room, VIP Room and a Sake Wine Bar nestled in an outdoor terrace overlooking a tree-lined boulevard. To ensure a sumptuous culinary expereince for our guests, the freshest fish and seasonal seafood is specially air flown straight from Shizuoka by our partner in Japan, Fukuichi GyoGyo, which has been engaged in fishing for over three centuries.

Official site

To kick our dinner, we order the beer that said “fruity and light” but it tasted almost similiar to Hoegarden.

cod fish nabe
1 of the chef’s recommendation of Cod fish nabe, the  fish slices were big and extremely white. A good portion to share for 2.

roe bamboo clam
Fish roe grilled with bamboo calm….I think I still like mine done the traditional Chinese way with garlic and vermicelli

Roe chawan mushi
A good portion of the chawan mushi but the roe fishy smell kinda overpowered the whole taste.

Sake Salmon roll
Sake salmon roll, which was excellent with the thick half grilled salmon with avocado and cucumber and the fish roe popping in your mouth oozing out some salty liquid which would mix with the rice. Yum!

green tea ice cream
Currently they are having a 20% off ala carte menu promotion and you get a free dessert on your birthday month 🙂

TripleOne Somerset Road #02-11/12 Singapore 238164


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