Takayama/Shirakawa-go, Japan – Day 3(a)

In Japan, all you can eat buffet is called “Viking style”. So breakfast the next day was Viking style breakfast. Interesting items to me was the konnyaku sashimi and wasabi cheese. Natto was of course not my choice of food.

After 1 night, fresh new snow had fallen. The couple was out shoveling snow something we dont get to see in Singapore.

Morning market
Made it to the Takayama morning market (Asa-ichi) which would be open from 7-12pm everyday. Most stores sell local crafts and farm products such as vegetables, pickles and flowers.

snowed the night before
A layer of white after a night.

takayama bus station
The Takayama bus station is right next to the train station where there are buses running almost hourly to Shirakawagou.

along the way
The views along the 50 minutes bus ride.

Suganuma Village

Suganuma Village consists of eight Gassho-style houses situated on a terraced plateau along the Sho River. The village is located on the north side of the riverbank of the Sho River; where the river flows east. (North and South 230m and East and West 240m) The mountain range that surrounds Suganuma Village is called “Yukimochirin” which is planted to stop a snowslide; it is forbidden to cut down these trees. In 1995, Suganuma Village was registered as part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Official web

buried in snow
Due to the huge amounts of the snow fall each year, the roofs were built at a 60degrees incline to withstand the snow.

Suganuma Village
I was in awe with the white that I saw.

Suganuma Village

The farms of Gokayama were small, so the village people were dependent on the income they received from the production of silkworms, gunpowder, and paper. A long time ago, gunpowder-making was one of the most important industries in GOKAYAMA. Gunpowder-making was as important as agriculture. A fireplace with a large open hearth and a storeroom of firewood was necessary to make gunpowder. A large workshop was suitable for Japanese paper-making.

Official web

Suganuma Village
Snow, icicles, and ice…….overwhelming for a tropical girl.

fresh powder
Here’s some snow!


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