Tokyo, Japan – Day 4

tokyo bus
I had visited Japan on many occasions but this is my FIRST ever public bus ride in Tokyo.  The bus seat covers were cutesy and each bus ride is 200Yen, no matter for how many stops along the way. You swipe your card when you board and just alight.

Nishiazabu (西麻布), a 10minutes bus journey from Shibuya station.

Nice day to be out, not too cold at 12 degrees.

The late lunch jaunt for today, Gogyou, another version from the Ippudo chain. The specialties here are 焦がし醤油 (burnt soy sauce) and 焦がし味噌 (burnt miso) soups.

東京都港区西麻布1丁目4−36 ロジマン西麻布 1F

burnt miso ramen
The burnt miso ramen, beware that is covered a thick layer of oil. The soup was fragrant and the smell of burnt miso was exotic but it ain’t exactly my type of ramen because I got filled up easily from that layer of oil. (Maybe because I was sick)

shoyu ramen
Burnt soy ramen with extra cabbage. For the same price, you can request for more noodles. Most of the customers said “omoi” when placing their orders so I assumed everyone wanted extra noodles. Why not, since you do not have to pay extra.

a typical ramen set
The set meal consisted of a bowl of ramen (with extra noodles), a small bowl of rice and some dumpling. Obvisously this is not mine, I am always amazed how much carbohydrates the Japanese can eat everyday and still have that thin frame.

home cook sukiyaki
Enjoyed some home cooked Sukiyaki for dinner. Sushi Otousan always churned up the best home made Japanese meals I can ever have whenever I visit. Can’t wait for the next one 🙂

cute chocos
Ain’t they cute? No wonder they have so much business during Valentine’s Day. Some of the Valentine’s day chocolates. 🙂 Can’t bear to eat them


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