Tokyo, Japan – Day 5

farewell lunch
The last day in Tokyo was pretty much chill-lax with last minute shopping and exploring the neighbour stores and super markets. Packed some lunch: sushi, macroroni salad and yakitoris….Dinning set up, ala typical Japanese with a small table and floor seatings.

seiyu/walmart sushi
980Yen for these sushi…..there is a difference with super market sushi and restaurant sushi when you taste teh sea urchins and you know which is fresh and not 🙂

do u need hostess job
An interesting ad booklet that I received when passing through Shibuya the day before. I always thought they only gave out tissues and pamphlets. Apparently this is a nicely done up ad book for ladies to apply for a hostess jobs, inside were stories how much money those Office ladies (OL) earned after they ditched their “9 to 6” jobs (with tons of overtime but properly no over time pay) and in 3 months they could earn up to a million yen. Of course, I bet they sauced up the stories pretty much or only put out the successful cases. But you can only as much imagine how the young girls would be lured to these jobs with promise of easy high paying money with pictures of ladies holding up branded bags they bought with their hostess salaries. It was pretty interesting to flip through the pages. Do check it out if you ever have 1 shoved up in your face.

good bye
And, it is finally time to say farewell, till the next time to Tokyo. Ciao.


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