Fukushima Nuclear Plant Crisis

I understand that all are very concerned about the nuclear crisis that is on going in Fukushima, Japan at the moment but it doesn’t help if we panic and forward every sms/email you receive from the web.

I think Gaijinhan, a Signaporean English teacher in Japan, did a pretty good summary/entry up here. A bit long but it gave a summary and overall picture of the crisis, and I believe that everyone in that nuclear plant is trying their best to avert a catastrophic.

Radiation health concerns from BBC and nuclear science updates from MIT

For live updates with regards to the earthquake direct from Japan in English, Timeout Tokyo and Gakuranman are doing a pretty decent job keeping all the news and information updated in English.

In moments of crisis, we see a lot of vulnerabilities of men against the power of mother nature but what we can do is to help each other out and try to be calm as not to make the situation any worse.


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