No Menu

No menu

Italian chef Osvaldo Forlino has made a name for himself, so to speak, at eponymous restaurants featuring upscale cuisine (at Forlino) and then a more rustic culinary blend (at Osvaldo).He recently left the latter and has now teamed up with family members to create the new No Menu restaurant where the main concept is, for a set price of $98, diners will leave it to the chef to feed them.

No Menu is primarily a family-style restaurant in a shophouse space. The decor is homey, the atmosphere is warm and the service is friendly. More importantly, the food is up to scratch as well. Regulars of Osvaldo the restaurant will know that the starters and pastas are the most appealing aspects of the menu there.


We chose the $98 degustation menu which meant we did not know what would be served as everything would decided by the chef but we do know we would be having 5 appetizers, 3 starters, 3 pastas, 1 entree and 2 desserts. (Which was way too much for 4 ladies, advice is to share the degustation menu and get a lighter order for the other person). Bread was fresh…..and this that went with the bread was a little spicy and salty but I don’t know the name for it.

cured meat with salad
Cold cuts with salad, everything from No menu is either home made or imported from Italy.

parmen ham with melon
My favorite param ham with melon. The meat was cured just right.

cured meats
Another appetizer of 3 different types and flavors of cold cuts. I only recognized the middle one as Salami.

cheese with tomato
Next would be fresh tomatoes with olive oil and home made cheese.

parmen ham with cheese
This was my favorite where param ham wrapped a light flavored cheese and lightly warmed, which was really a enlightening taste.

Bruschetta with chopped tomato.

italian stew vegetable
This was supposed an Italian vegetable which would be grilled and lined with balsamic vinegar. The vegetable was little bitter to our taste. I would term this as exotic taste.

cheese egg omelette
This was very good, omelette with cheese and truffles. Really really yummy.

By this time, we were really FULL but we still had so much food. I could barely finish the risotto

Neither the home made fettuccine.

But I devoured the ravioli

beef cheek
I was super stuffed but I just tasted the best beef cheek which was so soft and just melted in my mouth with so much flavors.

Last but not least, our desserts and extra serving of other desserts because the chef got inspired and made some on the fly and gave them to the customers.

Oh gosh, I was literally crawling out of the restaurant with bursting seams…….and felt so full for 2 whole days….



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