Austin Food Carts (1)

the road
It was a beautiful evening with nice cool Spring weather! (Last week was very hot with temperatures soaring to 32C) but it had dropped back to 16C now. The highway was not that congested this evening.

east side austin
Austin is a pretty small city and the East side of Austin is usually a shady place but now with all these food carts sprouting all over the place. The east side is actually getting to be pretty cool and “in” place now.

food trailers
So trailers of these sorts dotted around the city and you do sometimes do find little gems and some places are so popular that you have to get there early to have a taste of their food. You can read more from this link for the best around Austin.

waffles and chicken
The choice tonight would be Lucky J’s, where you get waffles and chicken. It was definitely a 1st time for me, who would have thought that the breakfast waffle would taste so heavenly wrapped with fried chicken. The sweet/salty taste of the waffles pipping hot with fried chicken…Yummy! The sauces could either be maple syrup for the waffle or ketchup for the chicken 🙂

hawaii food trailer
There was still room for some more food, so cross the street for some Hawaiian food from Luaus

hawaii food
An order of Musubi (spam sushi) and Kalua pig (banana smoked pulled pork with rice with some Hawaii mac salad)

austin skyline at night
Most of my friends in Austin have pretty much moved on (or upgraded) in their lives and living in houses or downtown condos on their own instead of sharing apartments. Pretty view of the Austin downtown skyline (which had pretty much changed with more high rise living buildings).

swimming pool
But personally, I love the swimming pool and that there are a few nice food establishments within walking distance and not right in the madness of the downtown traffic. Most importantly, with their pricing which could only get you a flat in Sengkang, you get a nice and big apartment of your own over here. Sigh, America……(and my woes in the rising property costs in Singapore)

night shot
Photo of the bar right beside the condo complex, I was amazed at how the photo turned out (made me want to invest in a tripod!) The shutter speed and aperture were adjusted that more light was captured and I could have a photo of a completely dark room, impressed!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gossipmonger
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 19:04:05

    does austin have toilet bowl seat warmers like japan? sitting on a cold toilet bowl seat is painful…

  2. Xuan-er
    Apr 05, 2011 @ 06:16:42

    @GM: no toilet warmers but not needed cos it is not cold here anymore…XD

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