The difference electricity makes

shinjuku, with and no light
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A little distraction from the Austin posts, and have our little attention back to Japan. We do know the natural disaster that shook Japan 2 weeks ago and the on going nuclear crisis that is making the whole world with their attention on the radiation fallout.

In any case, since most Eastern Japan is powered by TEPCO and now with 1 power plant down, it means that they have to implement blackouts to certain regions for certains times of the day until full power to Eastern Japan can go back to normal. The Japanese as usual, amazingly managed to reduce their power consumption rates so the blackouts planned was not really implemented (although, it may not be the case when the summer heat comes in a few months) by turning off most of the neon signboards, reducing the lights in stores and at their homes etc.

Anyway, look at the difference the lights make a difference to a busy Shinjunku street. Yes, the lights does make the city looks vibrant and lively and like a CITY. But with people doing their part on reducing unnecessary lights up, you can save a whole lot of energy and in turn, comes a question: Have we been wasting a lot of electricity?

**Food for thoughts since the eletricity tariffs would be increased in Singapore soon **


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