Flip happy crepes / PT burger stand

cold day
It was a cold gray day, typical for the winter/spring weather.

cheery sunday
But the furnishing at Flip Happy Crepes kinda puts a cheer to the surrounding with its bright colors and randomness.

flip happy
This place serves really yummy savory crepes, a choice of savory and sweet crepes which was a tough choice to make.

Since it was brunch so settled for the smoked salmon with cheese, which was perfect in the cool temperatures as it came hot, a bite into it, brought some warmth to the body.

it was a great reunion to Jin-cent who’re planning their wedding in November and Jin came all the way from Houston so we could meet up (ok not entirely for me since she planned to be in Austin that weekend but we still made time to meet)

We found ourselves in another food truck, Boîte, which was supposed to serve some really yummy macaroons which i would say is atypical of those which we would find back at home. It was larger in size, and the fillings was so much.

dogs are man's best friend
The open air cafe had people coming and packing some sandwiches for lunch and it is not common to see such a scene in Singapore. Man and big dogs enjoying themselves in the nice cool weather. The dog was pretty unique to have a brown and blue eye.

The theme of this photo : peek a boo.

We realized that we were hungry again at 330pm and so we headed to PT burger stand for some burgers and fries, yum yum …* runs away from my increasing weight *


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