Let’s venture South

start of a road trip
When you live in such a big state, it is very common for you take long road trip or at least 30minutes from 1 destination to another. Austin is pretty central and to cross any of the border line of the states, you have to drive 6-8 hours.

1 of the food adventures here is the various forms of BBQ

Kreuz Market was started in 1900 by Charles Kreuz as a meat market and grocery store.To prevent wasting meat by letting it spoil, most markets would cook the better cuts on barbecue pits and use the lesser cuts to make sausage. Customers would buy their barbecue and sausage (which was wrapped in butcher paper), then buy some items from the grocery store to go along with it, and eat it off the butcher paper with their hands and a pocket knife with NO SAUCE.

Kruez website

kruez policy
As you see, use your hands and NO SAUCE.

Please wait for your bbq
It was a 30minutes wait before we got into the huge room that smelled on smoked meat and wood. Yummy.

like a canteen
After you get your meat on the paper, you move on to the next room, where you can order your sides and drinks. Ice cream was pretty popular that day, maybe because of the heat!

Kruez BBQ
1 Jalapeno cheese sausage, 1 original sausage, 4 slices or moist brisket and 2 sides. There was toooooooo much food.

Lockhart city
The city of Lockhart is so small that it is only like 2-3 streets but you can still see old buildings here.

texas wild flowers
A quick pit stop at the Frontage road before the cops came to snap some photos of the Texas Wild flowers.

the alamo
No trip to San Antonio would be completed if you do not go to the Alamo…..

and of course the Riverwalk.

mini toys
Had fun taking photos in macro mode with the miniatures.


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