West side exploration

Salt lick
No trip to Austin would be completed without a trip down to Driftwood for some mouth watering BBQ. I still very much prefer the BBQ here, especially the moist brisket. It was a last minute decision to change dinner plan to a late lunch brunch plan, it was a lucky thing that we were not off the road too far for this detour.

Salt Lick
This is where all the delicious meats come from, I think it is the wood where the meats are BBQ-ed that made it all so delicious.

Salt Lick BBq
Used to be able to do family style (ie buffet) but nowadays I cannot even finish my own plate. The bread here is very soft and sweet, too bad I can’t eat that much.

Johnson City
The last adventure was South, today the road took us west ward. Johnson City, the birth city of 1 of the ex-President, Lydon B, Johnson. The visitor center is not opened on Sundays but doors remained unlock so visitors can still go in to pick up maps.

LBJ park

Lyndon B. Johnson State Park and Historic Site is in Gillespie County, between Fredericksburg and Johnson City, and contains 717.9 acres. Lyndon B. Johnson State Historical Park honors a native Texan who achieved the nation’s highest office. To create the unique facility, friends of then President Johnson raised money to purchase property directly across the Pedernales River from the LBJ Ranch. In 1965, this land was accepted by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and the park was opened in 1970.

TX Park

no wild flowers, we get plastic ones
A little disappointing that no new sighting of wildflowers, so had to settled for plastic ones.

Finally, arriving at the small little quaint town called Fredericksburg, where they used to be a lot of German settlers

German town = German beer……A quick light dinner before making the way back to Austin with a 2 hours drive.

hill country sunset
Sunsets are so pretty here, the sun really looked like a salt egg yolk.

my favorite spot
Luckily, arrived back in Austin 5 minutes before the sun fully set. Managed to catch a glimpse at my favorite spot in Austin. Love the colors of sun set…


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