Stanford University Campus

stanford campus

Stanford was founded by Leland Stanford, a railroad magnate, United States Senator, and former California Governor, and his wife, Jane Stanford. It is named in honor of their only child, Leland Stanford, Jr., who died in 1884 just before his 16th birthday. His parents decided to dedicate a university to their only son, and Leland Stanford told his wife, “The children of California shall be our children.”


church in stanford

Stanford Memorial Church (also known as MemChu) is located at the center of the Stanford University campus in Stanford, California, United States. It was built during the American Renaissance by Jane Stanford as a memorial to her husband Leland. Designed by architect Charles A. Coolidge, a protégé of Henry Hobson Richardson, the church has been called “the University’s architectural crown jewel”.


97 and counting
We were wondering, what did this numbers mean when 1 guy kindly told us that these number represent the year of the graduating class. So”97″ in this photo represented of the graduating class in 1897 and still counting…..

hello :)
awwww, cute!

Sakuras were in bloom! We had our own little hanami in Stanford!

red powdered
You must be wondering why are the students all decked in color powders. It was Holi that day, a Hindu holiday celebrating the coming of spring. The holiday’s most recognizable activity involves people plastering friends and strangers alike with “gulal,” a brightly colored powder. Students were doing up a fund rising with the celebration with this Hindu holiday.

peek into Stanford
1 of my favorite shots of the day: a peek into a Stanford’s staff life.


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