Famous pork chop lunch
E was raving about “the best pork chop” in the world. You have never tasted real pork chops until you have been to Perry’s and I was sold. Reservation was made 1 week in advance and headed there during lunch break at work. The place was PACKED to the brim and almost everyone in the restaurant were ordering the pork chops.

They give you a knife to carve the meat up…I was waiting, impatiently…:)

mash potato and apple sauce
The sides were mashed potato and homemade apple sauce.

Perry's pork chop
The pork chop comes served as a huge slab of meat, too much protein for the day but can you believe that there is 3 distinct flavors in one piece of meat. The “eyelash” which has the lime on stick on it, is the bottom section of the tenderloin grabs the runoff from the rest of the chop and becomes insanely moist and so is advised to eaten 1st. Next would be the pork ribs that the server would slice it up for you. The loin portion was the driest but the apple sauce was supposed to moisten it up.

pay by credit card
On a random note, the parking meters now accept credit cards too instead of us trying to find our quarters, welcome to technology advancement. 🙂


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