Houston Feeds

Totally, random decision to head out to Houston. Since I have seen most of Houston, there was nothing too much touristy that I was interested in and so it was just a weekend of eating and hanging out with friends who are in Houston.

Ruggles Green
1st dinner would be Ruggles Green, Houston’s 1st certified Green Restaurant. The place was packed, and what do we mean by green resturant. I would guess the food is mostly organic and they have a set of “green” rules to adhere to. Our order of Gulf shrimp salad and cheese sandwich went down pretty well and I love the sweet potato fries.

Southern Maid
Southern maid, kolaches for breakfast.

Tokyo one
Tokyo One for some Japanese buffet and had my 1st slice of sashimi for ages….

Juice box
1 of my favorites places in Houston, Juicebox, a wonderful place to eat shaved ice laden full of fresh fruits. Really refreshing and great for the warming weather here. I was intrigued by the durian shake and look at the myriad of combination. Too bad, I did not want to stink up my host’s car so I did not dare to get it.

Jus' Mac
Gourmet mac and cheese, who would have know that there can be so much different tastes to Mac and cheese. We ordered the Popeye’s and Buffalo Wing mac and cheese. Basically, it was mac and cheese but the topping were customed to the different tastes. It was very rich food though but I was totally won over as I am never a mac and cheese fan.

A short break at the hole in the wall and very local cafe and we had a agenda then 🙂


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  1. Gossipmonger
    May 03, 2011 @ 10:20:32

    yo, u got register to vote on sat?

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