Austin Food Carts (3)

Driving down Congress
Driving down South Congress, at the end would be the Capital building.

Odd duck
Adventure today would be Odd Duck Farm to Trailer. Concept of bringing customers only food from local farms.

Odd Duck
Amazingly the portions are small in Texas standard. Food choices were
1) gulf shrimp, texmati rice, spicy greens, gruyere
2) BBQ Quail with sweet potato salad, cheddar, roasted pecans
3) Richardson farms pork belly slider with grilled sweet onion and aioli ** super super super super yummy! pork belly is crispy on the outside but juicy inside **
4) Homestead grits, mushrooms and parmesan

Gourdough’s: big fat donuts. Ordered the Miss shortcake which was fresh cut strawberries with cream cheese. This was a really different type of donut as greasy as it was, it was a little powdery inside. The donut tasted different from the usual donuts we are used to. The inside has much more density.

Random photo of the day 🙂


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