Car 2 Go

This post was made possible, with the help of my dear friend, Mr S. I am so glad I have so many friends who are used to my quirky habits of taking photos before eating (They will really just wait for me to get done with the photos before digging in) and willing to help me find new topics for me to write.

car2go is an intelligent response to the environmental concerns and traffic congestion challenges of a fast-growing urban area like Austin. The idea is quickly proving itself to be a groundbreaking mobility concept that redefines transportation in urban areas like ours. The car2go car sharing model, used alongside existing public transportation, specifically Capitial Metro bus, rail, and rideshare alternatives, serves to substantially reduce the emissions and congestion common in dense urban cores. Long term, the car2go concept will play an important role in keeping Austin livable, clean, accessible and exciting.

Official website

looking for the car
Traveling in downtown has been made easier with this when we almost pull our hairs out whenever we go downtown as it was so hard to get parking. But this would help as you can park further and just get a car2go rental. 1st, you have to use the car2go app to find the car.

checking card
We found one nearby, put the membership card to the sensor and it would check. Once checking is done, the smart car doors would unlock. By right, you can only have 2 passengers in the car but I heard the 3rd person can be squeezed into the truck comfortably.

Once the car door is unlocked, you remove the car keys inside the car and start the rental but pressing on the touchscreen. Once you reach your destination, you just press end rental and the rental amount which is prepaid would be deducted from your account. At this point, Mr S was rushing me to have my photos taken quickly as every minute counts. A short 5 minutes was about $1.50 rental.

You can park anywhere in downtown or at destinated car2go spots. Personally I just thought this was a really neat and interesting idea to combat the really bad parking situation in downtown Austin and yet accessible for the people who are out in downtown if they do not want to walk. With so many residential projects out in downtown, this is definitely a good idea.

austin street light

downtown austin

6th street
Since I was already in downtown, time to put the camera to good use for some night photography 🙂


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