Austin Randomess (4)

Mongolia Grill
Mongolian grill, a create your own stir fry restaurant. You are given a metal bowl when you enter the restaurant and you just laden as much stuff you can into the bowl, the seasonings you want, the sauce of choice and everything would be stir fried together with your choice of carbohydrates like rice, udon, noodles etc.

Thundercloud sub
Thundercloud subs, a local version of subs….Much better than subway in my opinion.

A newly opened Italian bristo and market that serves fresh and authetic Italian food. Ravioli, garlic fries and minestrone soup. I was impressed with the garlic fries as I found, freshly chopped up garlic. I like places that really serve up with real ingredients and not washed down versions.

home cooked indian food
Got invited over for some homecooked Indian food.

Galaxy cafe
Another local Austin cafe, and also somewhere I had my 1st try with Brie burger. Usually they would place American or Swiss cheese for burgers but this one is Brie cheese. Makes the burger taste a little different as brie cheese is usually soft and combined that with a hot burger patty, the cheese was literally melted.

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