Napa Valley Day Trip

into the tunnel
What lies beyond the tunnel……

to napa
Valleys and blue skies…….it was actually a little warm in Napa Valley.

domaine chandon

When our founders came to the Napa Valley from France and found the best vineyard land, they saw the unique climate and soil, and considered many grape varieties. Yet after much experimentation, they reconfirmed the superiority of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier, the traditional varietals of French Champagne. After 30 years of cultivation we are experts in each sparkling varietal, and fortunate to grow them in three of California’s finest appellations: Yountville, Carneros and Mount Veeder. Today we farm 1,000 acres in these appellations and are leaders in sustainable farming. We feel privileged to grow the finest fruit while preserving our environment for future generations.

Official website

domaine chandon
Chose the Reserve tasting – Chardonnay Brut, Pinot Noir Brut and Rose Brut sparkling wine. For US20, the amount of wine they dispensed is quite generous.

silver oak
Our passionate commitment to winemaking excellence is reaffirmed at every step in the process. We carefully evaluate the grapes we select and the methods and equipment we use in our winery to create the ideal environment for our Cabernet Sauvignon. No detail is too small to escape our scrutiny – from the quality of our barrels and corks to the wineglasses we offer visitors in our tasting rooms.
The result is Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon, a wine with intense, opulent flavors, velvety texture and the balance and depth to ensure superb longevity. – Silveroak

silver oak
Wine tasting is also US20 for 3 full glasses of wine.

There was also a 20 minutes tour of the winery from the field to the storage room to a display of how the barrels were made to the fermentation room and bottling room. During the walk, they continued to top up your wine generously as the guide said “We do not like empty glasses”


Peju is a small, family owned and operated winery established in 1982 by Anthony and Herta Peju. The vineyards include 30 acres organically farmed in Rutherford, which produce the Reserve and HB vineyard wines, and 130 sustainably farmed acres at Persephone Ranch in the Pope Valley. After more than 25 years, Peju is now recognized as one of Napa Valleys top Cabernet producers.



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