bye from the west and step into the land of the rising sun

are you hungry for some yakitori

11 hours of flight later and another 3 hours by local train (due to wrong connection in the extensive Tokyo trains)……Stepped in the land of the rising sun. It was almost 1.5 months after the earthquake, Tokyo is bustling with life except that the lines in the immigration was much shorter as compared to the past, the trains were much warmer then usual due to electricity saving and shops were not as brightly lit as usual. The yakitori road side stall near to the neighbourhood still closes once all the sticks were sold out usually about 1.5 hours after opening at 630pm.

welcome to japanese engrish

**giggle** To the Jap-lish …

izayaka munchies
Cure for the jet lag? I say not as I soon fell asleep after these munchies from the local izakaya.


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