Hakata, Japan – Day 2(a)

Haneda monorail
My 1st domestic flight via Haneda Airport, it was really a much convenient location compared to Narita as it was only 1 hour coming from North Tokyo, and you can just change to the Haneda Monorail with a exit from the train station.

haneda airport, domestic
Skymark, 1 of the low cost airline in Japan operating from Haneda serving mostly domestic flights. (however, the pricing can never compete to the local budget airline). Due to my Singapore kiasu traits, I insisted that we should arrive at least 1.5 hours before flight departure and even when I was in USA, I also make sure I arrive 1.5 hours before the stipulated 1 hour before time due to the long security lines in the airport. But Sushi insisted that this was absolutely not needed, a 45 minutes before departure time is needed only with checked in bags. It was only arriving at the terminal than I realise that how much a breeze it was to travel domestically in Japan (even during Golden Week when the entire Japan nation is traveling). Check in, luggage check, security line (just your air ticket is needed) all within 10 minutes…..Such a stark contrast to my USA domestic flights. 1 thing I noticed during the luggage check in was that they would check to make sure that the bag has no damages to minimize their liability.

2 hours later, arrived in Hakata Airport in Fukuoka, Kyushu. 1 thing to note if you ever need to take domestic flight in Japan is not to take off the checked luggage tag they put on your bags when leaving the airport. The airport staff would remove it for you as part of their security check to make sure that you had removed your checked bags off their planes.

My 1st electronic locker experience in the train station. The monitor would let you know which lockers were still available. You can tap your suica which is inside the Japanese cell phone to deduct the rental moment and the locker would get locked. Japanese love their lockers as it is usually a little difficult to get a large size one by mid-day, we were lucky!

Sumiyoshi Shrine

Sumiyoshi Shrine in Hakata is believed to be the first of the approximately 2000 Sumiyoshi Shrine throughout Japan. Sumiyoshi Shrine was officially designated in ancient time as one of the highest ranked shrines. Sumiyoshi Shrine was once admired as the greatest shrine of Chikuzen area (northern part of the present Fukuoka prefecture). The surrounding area was originally a cape at the mouth of Nakagawa River flowing into Hakata Bay.


Wedding couple
There was a wedding in the Shrine then.

Sumiyoshi Shrine
Without history, there would be no present.


Yanagibashi was established in 1916, this old market is a warren of stalls and narrow passageways, a cooperative of shops that reflect the easygoing charm of this city, the biggest on Japan’s Kyushu island.

Food report

hakata makanai uchi
Hakata Makanai Uchi…海鮮食堂 博多まかない屋, this was a random gem from our random walk.

海鮮食堂 博多まかない屋
〒812-0018 福岡県福岡市博多区住吉2-15-3

sashimi don
sashimi set
Both these set of sashimi and sashimi don only cost us 1100 yen. They have limited sets of the really expensive sashimi for only 500Yen too but only limited to 2-3 sets a day. No wonder the line was so long.


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