Saga, Japan – Day 2(b)

ureshino spa

Ureshino, surrounded by mountains, is famous for its green tea. The green of the tea fields, spreading on the gentle hills, shines brightly. While colorful illumination lights up the city at night, during the day the hot spring town has a traditional and tranquil atmosphere. Known for its hot water for beautiful skin, the hot spring, with its silky and slightly creamy water, has earned a reputation for the way it leaves the skin smooth and supple. More than 40 ryokan (Japanese-style inns) and hotels of various sizes are located along the Ureshino-gawa River, making Ureshino one of the most famous hot spring spots in Kyushu.


onsen hotel
2 hours from Hakata by train and bus, we arrive in Ureshino Onsen town in Saga Perfecture and check into Ureshin Shoen (嬉野温泉 – 松園 ) By a stroke of good luck, we were upgraded to the bigger room with personal hot spring bath.

嬉野温泉 – 松園
843-0301 佐賀県嬉野市嬉野町下宿乙855-2

outdoor onsen
A quick snap in the outdoor bath which has no one inside due to the early hours and I quickly made use of it before the heavy rain made me escape out of the bath. It was such a good relief to soak in the hot spring water as I was still fighting hard with the sleep monster.

table setting
1 of the main reasons and highlights on why I like to visit at least 1 onsen hotel whenever I am in Japan. It was a huge relaxation to soak in those hot water, followed by an awesome room dining.

The dinner set up.

Starters were a mix of cold dishes.

veggie teppanyaki
Some beef and fresh vegetables for the teppanyaki

Green tea soba since this area is famous for green tea.

Seared tuna salad.


deep fried tofu
Deep fried onsen tofu.

mussel soup
Mussel soup never tasted so fresh.

Mochi wrapped in leaves

By the time dessert was served, I was so full that I fell asleep after they cleared the dished and rolled out the futon onto the tatami…….Jet lag, always so powerful….


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