Saga, Japan – Day 3(a)

Breakfast was served promptly at 8am and the ladies would come into the room at 750am, to roll up the futons and prepare the breakfast settings. I was really amazed by the energy levels coming from those old ladies.

sjapanese breakfast
Condiments for breakfast.

onsen tofu

Onsen Yudofu is Japanese Tofu Hot- Pot ( Yudofu) boiled by hot spring water (Onsen) in Ureshino. It is a specialty dish of the Ureshino Onsen area. Since the alkaline component in hot-spring water react to the salt in tofu, its texture becomes smooth and mellow. It is nice if cooked with meat, stewed with other vegetables in a hot pot or just eaten with chopped green onion and shaved dried bonito. This healthy dish is popular as a breakfast in Ureshino. It appeared in the famous cartoon regarding gourmet, “Oishinbo”, and became a nationally recognized dish

Onsen Yudoufu

I got distracted with this ad, and realised why it was there soon.

fresh egg

Tamago kake gohan is a dish in which a raw egg is put on top of or mixed with rice, or a recipe for such a dish. Eggs contain many nutrients and protein which are denatured when cooked; therefore it is thought that eating them raw maximises the beneficial effects of these nutrients. In actuality, however, only half of the protein in raw eggs is digestible as compared to cooked eggs.



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