Arita, Japan – Day 3(b)


Arita is the birth place of porcelain manufacturing in Japan with 400 years of history, and is a quiet town among mountains, located in the western part of Saka-ken. Ri Sanpei, a potter from Korea, discovered a fine-quality white porcelain mineral in Mt. Arita-Izumi-yama.
This was the beginning of Arita’s development into an internationally known town of porcelain.


Arita porcelain festival is held in the street between JR Arita and
Kami-arita stations from April 29 through May 5 every year (Golden week) and you can see thousands of Japanese thronging the entire street trying to get a good buy.

There were so many many many stores open and lined up with all kinds of ceramics but I was more interested in those cute ones.


Tozan Shrine, the chief tutelary shrine of Arita dedicated to Emperor Ojin, this shrine has been highly revered by ceramists since the Edo era. The torii gate at Tozan Shrine is made of porcelain, and so are the koma-inu animal statues which stand guard, the garden lanterns, and the good-luck charms on sale.


Porcelain statues instead of the usual stone ones.

A trip would not be fun if you do not try out the local food where you are there. Some munchies from the many road side stall opened during the ceramic fair.


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