Hakata, Japan to Busan, South Korea – Day 4(a)

fukuoka dome
Good morning to Yahoo Dome @Fukuoka, which is the first stadium in Japan that has a retractable roof to accommodate all weather conditions. It is a home stadium of well-known Fukuoka Softbank Hawks.

hakata port
Beetle is a hydrofoil ferry service operated by JR Kyushu Jet Ferry which travels between Fukuoka, Japan and Busan, South Korea daily under 3 hours. Upon arrival to check in 1 hour before the ferry departs, you need to pay 500Yen for port services with the vending machine and then you get from ticket at the check in counter. Security was pretty much a breeze and no restrictions on the liquids you can carry too. The duty free shop was even selling beer in bulk as apparently the South Koreans like to lug Japanese beer back.

Here’s a snap of the Beetle before we board.

korea 1st sight
Hello to South Korea @ Busan.

busan MRT
Busan MRT is almost similiar to the ones we see at home or most Asian cities except now all are converted to Korean language. Elderlies get to ride the MRT for free to.

busan MRT
1 interesting observation made in the trains was that they have people selling stuff in the train. I even saw a mother who kneel in the middle of the train and said some sad story and collected money from people before proceeding to the next carriage.

sunset hotel
Finally checked into Sunset Business Hotel at Haeundae Beach, the limited beach view was really limited at a awkward angle but it was a decent hotel with all the facilities needed

1391-66, Joong-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan

The limited beach view 😛

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