Busan/Chun Cheon, South Korea – Day 5

Exploring Haeudae Beach, the place was not so populated as it was the start of Spring.

1 of my favorite photo of the day, the feel was very K-drama 😛

korean lunch
My lunch choice would had been seafood again but obviously I was overwritten and ended up at Nolboo BBQ for some kimchi panfry which instant noodles were added in (yes, Nolboo BBQ in Singapore is at least 3 times over priced compared to here.)

Making the way to Busan Rail Station for the KTX train bound for Seoul. 1 gripe about riding the MRT in Korea is that 90% of the times, they do not have any lifts and you just see an endless flight of stairs. It ain’t too bad if you do not have any luaggage but terrible if you had. They had installed ramps at the side of the stairs to aid passengers but still it was still a little rough.

seoul 1st look
2.5 hours later, welcome to Seoul!

traditional room
Straight after arriving into Seoul, and with a stroke of luck got a locker again though it took a little while to figure out how to use it. Started on another 2 hours journey from Seoul to ChunCheon (northeast of Seoul) where we spent the night in a really cheap and dingy motel with a traditional Korean setting of just futon but with a really warm flooring as you can set the thermal set dial.

ChunCheon was also the place where Winter Sonata was filmed and lots of stuff can still be found there in relationship to the serial.


Chuncheon is famous for its “dak galbi”, or chicken ribs. Despite the name, the dish is usually made from an entire chicken, not just the ribs. It consists of chicken, Chinese cabbage, sweet potatoes, tteok (rice cakes), and scallions, mixed with a spicy sauce and usually cooked in the center of the table.
The city was historically known as a centre for chicken farms. There is even a street in the city dedicated to restaurants serving the dish, with some 25 restaurants populating the area.



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