Seoul, South Korea – Day 6(b)


“Tosokchon” is quite well-known throughout Seoul. It was also frequently visited by Former President Roh, Moo-hyun, further cementing its already strong appeal. A visit during lunchtime will be met with busy crowds as it remains the most popular time to visit. The restaurant’s signature dish is samgyetang (chicken ginseng soup) and is made up of about 30 different types of herbs and grains. In addition, glutinous rice, gingko nut, ginseng, garlic, and jujube are used to enhance the dish’s unique and unmistakable flavor.


ginseng chicken
I insisted to go to this place even though it was already 3pm when we made our way there from Nami Island. I had such high expectations of the yummy hot soup that I was thoroughly crashed when I had my 1st sip. I wondered if it was due to the place’s extreme popularity (it was way past lunch hours but it was still packed) that they had to produce the soup at quick turnaround that they had to serve the Ginseng Chicken soup in a rather bland form? The soup was still tasty, the ingredients were fresh but the taste was just not there. I felt that I was drinking something that had been prepared for 2 hours instead of the longer hours where it would have done the ingredients with much more justification. Although disappointed in the soup but the kimchi made up for it. I almost would had eaten up the whole pot if not because I was too full.

seafood pancake
Contrary, the seafood pancake was excellent. Pan fried with fresh big prawns and sweet spring onions, it was really delicious….

Seoul-si Jongno-gu Chebu-dong 85-1, take subway Line 3 to Gyeongbokgung Station and get out at Exit 2. The restaurant is a short five-minute walk away.

acacia hotel
Picking up the bags from the lockers in Seoul Station, we lugged it through the stairs again and took the subway ti check into our hotel, Acacia Hotel, near to Dongdemun Cultural and History park. Location was great as it was only 5 minutes walk away from the Dongdemun Market where they sell clothes and shoes from noon till the early hours of the morning (2pm till 4am). Just 2 minutes away from the airport express bus stop where you can take the bus straight to Inceon airport. The room was clean and free internet on the desk top in the room too with Japanese and Chinese language support.

Much as I wanted to shop in my trip, i always ended up with extremely limited shopping time due to the packed schedules so I ended up doing my shopping dash again. Which means, I had kind of know what are the stuff I need and be focused. So in the 70 minutes I had in Myeongdong, the shopping district in Seoul, I was able to accomplish all my requested shopping 😛 Clothes and shoes were a little pricey compared to Taiwan but quality wise were better and so I still managed to grab a few pieces after convincing myself 😛

soon toufu chigae
I can’t remember the location of this place but this place is supposed to be pretty popular with the Japanese tourists for its Soon Tofu Chigae, which is my favorite Korean soup. The shop manager was very friendly and the food was great.

two two
The night of course ended with the Korean’s favorite supper food: Korean fried chicken and beer! That was then that I realised that I much preferred Cass over Hite for Korean beer and Korean pop corn is kinda different.


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