Seoul, South Korea – Day 7

cute baby
There was basically no agenda for my last day is Seoul, it was more of a catch up session with my dear Korean friend whom I last saw in the Summer of 2009 where she came to visit me before she headed back to Hawaii to reunite with her husband. Finally got to see the little Prince in Seoul =) Celebrates his 1 year old birthday recently.

The best thing about visiting a country with local friends would be they would be able to bring you to the local eateries that served really awesome food. The beef served were very fresh and even without much marination, it still tasted really great. Thanks to my friend who BBQ-ed much of our lunch for all of us! 🙂

rice cracker
Then we started our drive to the next destination. BAD MISTAKE! It was a public holiday in South Korea that day and so the entire Seoul population were out for vacation and so we were very much stuck in the jam for 3 hours. Lucky thing was there, there were so many makeshift stores along the way selling all kinds of food. I guess, traffic jams were very much in common in Korea that provided such business opportunities for the hawkers

au petite
Finally arrived at our destination after 3 hours in traffic, finding parking was another challenge. A usual 45 minutes drive took us 3 hours =_=!!

au petite
After travelling 10 km along the lakeside road from Cheongpyeong Dam, in the direction of Namiseom Island, you will come across a cluster of white, exotic buildings on the left-hand hillside. From its outward appearance, it would appear to be a village that belongs on the Mediterranean coast or in a pastoral area of the Piedmont Alps. This is Petite France, a French cultural village set in the Korean countryside! Petite France serves as both a French cultural village and a youth training facility (Goseong Youth Training Center), and consists of 16 French-style buildings where visitors can lodge and experience French food, clothing, and household culture. – Wiki

au petite
You almost don’t believe that you are in Korea.

au petite
I thought I really was in some European countryside

au petite
Lock and keys, looks like it is a common Korea way of expressing their love 🙂

au petite
1 last shot before we leave, we only stayed here for 30minutes to make the 3 hours drive back to Seoul.

Address:Gyeonggi-do Gapyeong-gun Cheongpyeong-myeon Goseong-ri 616

nabe dinner
Due to the unexpected long drive, we had to unfortunately cancelled our planned dinner with my friends and head for another appointment with another Korean friend. Settled down for spicy hot pot style since we already had so much BBQ in the noon. I thought that the bandana at the bottle was really cute!

Much as I wanted to spend the entire last night shopping in Nadaemun but we were so tired stuck from traffic that we decided to head back to the hotel after 20 minutes of shopping. (In any case, the prices were a little pricey in my opinion.)

Cheong Gye Cheon

Cheonggyecheon (Hangul: 청계천) is an 8.4 km long, modern public recreation space in downtown Seoul, South Korea. The massive urban renewal project is on the site of a stream that flowed before the rapid post-war economic development required it to be covered by transportation infrastructure. The $900 million project initially attracted much public criticism but, after opening in 2005, has become popular among city residents and tourists




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