USA Beauty Hauls

Much as USA was a shopping paradise of Coach and Kate spade and many more name brands. I used to just buy without much hesitation just because they were much cheaper back in those earlier USA trips. Nowadays, I was more discerning and only got stuff that I would really need and use. (That doesn’t mean that I did not buy alot this trip :P) Here’s some of the more interesting beauty hauls from the recent USA trip.

beauty blender
Bought this upon recommendation of my friend, love the fact that I can wash and dry the make up sponge instead of throwing out the latex ones that I used. Only gripe is that the pink dye that ran out from x times of washes but luckily my skin was not sensitive to the colored sponge from the Beauty Blender. The sponge was supposed to give a air brush feel on the skin, I wasn’t sure it was but it did make application of the liquid foundation and concealer less messy and blended everything in.

benefit minis
A little gem I found in Sephora, 3 mini sized  Posie tine, high beam highlighter and Benetine. 3 products for a fraction of the full sized price. It always take forever for me to finish up a full bottle but the mini sized ones would work much better for me as I could get a variety and play around with 3 items.

urban decay primer
Heard really good reviews of this eye shadow primer and so got 1 to try it since the humid weather always creased my eye shadow after a few hours.

bare minerals
My holy grail now, mineral foundation which do not break my skin and gives light to medium coverage depending on how you layer them on. Since it was 30% cheaper in USA, I had to get as much as I could to last me till I could get my next supply.

eki love
This is non-beauty related but can’t help to share this. I had always wanted to get something from Ekimura’s EkiLove store, but there was no excuse for me to indulge in those lovely handmade items. But I got something recently when she made part of her proceeds to be donated to the Japanese Earthquake relief that there was no excuse for me not to support her and to indulge in a little want from my side. She sent more than what I got with a lovely nail sticker and a face mask.


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