Victor’s Kitchen

Victor's kitchen
Heard that this place gets really crowded during weekends and they usually close by late afternoon. True as I was told as the place was filled up by 12pm.

milk tea
The famous “Hong Kong” style “stocking” milk tea, a must try for people who loves milky tea. The ice milk tea is iced in a bowl of ice!

dim sum mix
Prawn dumpling, deep fried bean curd skin chicken roll, glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf, century egg with fish congee and steam milk pudding with almond.

custard buns
1 of my top 3 favorties would be the custard bun, bite into while it is hot but be careful that the salted custard will get onto your shirt or scalded your tongue and savor into that salted sweetness……

steamed carrot cake
Steamed carrot cake in a bowl

pan fried cheong fun
Last but not least pan fried cheong fun with light soy sauce. Different from the usual prawn and char siu cheong fun…

91 Bencoolen Street, #01-21 Sunshine Plaza


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