db Bistro Moderne

DB Bistro modene

Guests at Marina Bay Sands can look forward to an impeccable dining experience that is at once elegant and laid-back. db Bistro Moderne is a contemporary French-American restaurant where traditional French cuisine meets the flavours of the American market.


DB Deco

The design by Jeffery Beers references a traditional bistro but is stylishly contemporary. db Bistro Moderne features an informal café, a stylish bar and a private dining room, offering a total of 185 seats.



Originally from Lyon, France, it is in New York that Chef Daniel Boulud’s name has become synonymous with fine dining. His Manhattan restaurant Daniel, is considered one of the 10 best in the world.

Chef Profile

Mint Lime drink
1 of db’s signature drink – db mint which comprised of lime and mint and some apple juice. Something refreshing but not suitable for someone like me who don’t like sweet drinks.

Some bread for you to munch on while waiting for the entree.

Oysters from France as recommended by the server.

Lamb Shank
The special that night was braised lamb shank with grilled vegetable. The meat was soft and tender but if you do not like the taste of lamb or stronger flavored meat then this would not be a good choice for you. The smell wasn’t too much of an issue for me but definitely not for my eating partner and so I had to eat too much meat that night that I felt a little overwhelmed 😛

Overall, the service was impeccable and the place reminded very much of the days I was dining in a USA restaurant. Oh, do make your reservations as the place was full by 7pm 🙂

10 Bayfront Ave, #B1-48 Marina Bay Sands


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