Luke’s Oyster Bar & Chop House

For foodie partner’s super duber belated birthday, we went to this new restaurant nestled in a corner near the Club Street area. *sorry but better late than never!*

A relatively new restaurant by Travis Masiero, the feeling I got from this place was it felt like another American dinning but much smaller in terms of space and the marbled top bar is just opposite the few tables in the restaurant.

The small but ample bar with some good selections of liquors.

The bar area for you to hang out if you are just looking for some oysters and beer during happy hour mingle.

While waiting for our food, some fresh bread was served. The taste of it for me wavered between bread and cake. The dash of chili powder on the butter was a unique touch.

oyster po's boy
1st up woutld be Fried Oyster’s Po Boys, basically oyster deep fried in breaded batter and put together like a mini burger with some coleslaw.

covered oyster stew
Next up was something not found in the menu but came highly recommended by foodie partner. I was reading the menu up and down and from left to right. Though not on the menu but the servers do know it by heart – Oyster’s stew.

oyster stew
Oysters stewed in a sea of cream and butter in a serving for one but I felt the broth was a little too salty for me.

I still love my oysters, raw and fresh with a dash of lemon and tabasco. 🙂 During happy hour, half a dozen of oyster are S$25 compared to the usual S$32 and it comes with a free glass of beer.

crab cake
Jumno lump crab cakes, which was really huge but packed full of crab.

crab cake
This is what we called the western way of eating crabs, instead of eating the crabs as a whole like we do.

lobster pot pie
Luke’s Lobster Pot Pie

half a lobster
Hidden under the crisp, was half a lobster each for us.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable and filling dinner. I would want to go back again just for the oyster happy hour though…yumyum 🙂

20 Gemmill Lane Singapore


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