Manbok BBQ Restaurant

Original plan was another BBQ restaurant along the stretch of Tanjong Pagar but they were closed for lunch!!!! So the next option to go to one that has some people inside and we ended up here.

On the wall was tones of Korean word – Korean check 1

bbq interior
Set up for BBQ was also Korean style – Korean check 2

side dishes
Half of the side dishes, was too hungry to take photos 😛

Soon dobu chigae
Something that I would not miss in a Korean restaurant, Soft Tofu soup. This one has the flavors right but the ingredients is still not as much as I had back in Austin 🙂

spicy sticky rice
Spicy sticky rice sticks.

Our BBQ is charcoal grilled!

Meat Set
4 meat set for $60 – pork and beef including 1 prime beef short ribs

This was the 1st time I bbq-ed a shortrib myself. I didn’t know that the meat was thinly sliced and wrapped around the bone and we had to unwrap it as we put it on the grill. Pretty fun experience.

63 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore


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