Cherrykoko Spree 2

After the satisfactory 1st haul, I had a second little spree with Cherrykoko again. This time, we had more people joining and some people who had responded to me on the blog.

haul this time

The prizes!~

the haul

Photos of the clothes from the website.

Unfortunately, this would also be my last time to buy from Cherrykoko. Much as I like their products and fast delivery (even though it was a little pricey) but I absolutely hate their refund policy. CK would only inform you after they ship out the order on the out of stock items which means you would have some money left over with them. You have a choice to put the money into their coco account which you can use it to offset the next purchase or have money refunded. So you are stuck in a rut, it is not often you can make purchases from them since the items are expensive and shipping is not cheap and with the change in season, you won’t be buying much clothes from them till a long time later and so your money is stuck with them for an extended period. IF you make the option of choosing a refund, you would lose your money due to unfavorable exchange rates and extra fees as CK wants you to pay the full sum again online before refunding the original amount paid. So in actual fact, this is a lose lose situation for any choice you made. So for anyone who wants to buy from them, be prepared to have some money stuck with them as both of my purchases I had out of stock items informed only after shipping is made. (Maybe this is a way they can make you go back shopping with them)

I heard that G-market also works in the same way but having some money stuck with G-market is not that bad since there are much more other products to buy…With this said, I am venturing into G-market for my next online shopping adventure…and to my scooping around, I found out some of the CK items are selling at a 20% discount there…..Some times, I wished I had learnt Korean instead of Japanese 😛


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