Penang – Day 1(d)

Gurney Drive
Gurney Drive is a popular seafront promenade in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia. The road is also one Penang’s most popular tourist destinations, famous for the “hawker food” sold from food stalls formerly located along the seafront, now relocated close by. Previously known as the New Coast Road, it was completed in 1936 along what was then known as the North Beach, and renamed in 1952 after Sir Henry Gurney, British High Commissioner in Malaya (1950-1951), who was assassinated by the guerillas of the Malayan Communist Party during the Malayan Emergency. – Wiki

Gurney dinner
For our food tasting we had: BBQ Cuttlefish, Fried Oyster, Penang Rojak, Penang Char Kway Teow, Sweet beancurd, Fuzhou fish ball noodles, Chilli Stingray and cuttle fish kang kong. Food names are what we are familiar with back in Singapore but the taste and how they are prepared are vastly different. For instance the fried oyster is more wet and sticky and the char kway teow is not fried with dark soy sauce. 🙂

handmade lantern

handmade lantern

handmade lantern

There was a community Mid Autumn Festival celebration at the New World Park shopping area next to our hotel. The lanterns from the lantern making competition impressed me the most. All of them were supposed to be made from trash/recyclables. Aint’ they pretty?


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