Penang – Day 2(b)

batu ferighi
Headed to Batu Ferringhi after lunch.

batu ferighi
Probably the single most heavily developed stretch of tourist resorts in the entire country, the scenery and the beaches have undeniably suffered under the assault of all that concrete. Still, while the beaches aren’t the best in Malaysia, there are still miles of white sand and palm trees left. Fierce competition keeps hotel prices low and there’s some great food to be found too. Also a notable fact making the decision to visit Batu Ferringhi an easier one is, that the more you approach to the west, the less the touristisation has infected the beaches. Beaches near the famous night-bazar are very nice with perfect water quality. – Wiki

batu ferighi
My favorite photo from the trip.

batu ferighi

batu ferighi
Not the best beaches but definitely a rustic feel and I love sun sets!

Back in the city to catch the twilight

and in hunt for our dinner

How to get healthy with so much feeding? BBQ chicken wings, char kway teow, fried oysters, popiah, cheong fun and Chinese satay!


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