Ebisu, Japan – Day 1 (b)

Ebisu Garden Walk
After stuffing yourselves full with food, it would be execellent to take a walk around Ebisu Garden Place. Which for one is 1 of my favorite places in Tokyo as there is much less people on the streets and the place just snooze of a relaxed atmosphere compared with the busy streets in Shinjuku and Shibuya.

Fresh honey
There was a huge Hokkaido fair at that area that day and everyone was busy sampling and the vendors shouting slogans to attract more patrons. I was busy sampling too and love the moment when I felt I was like Winnie the Pooh as I dug some honey out of the honeycomb 😛

Yebisu Beer Museum
Nearby, would be a free admission attraction: Museum of Yebisu Beer. If you are wondering like me on why it is “Yebisu” but not “Ebisu”. The reason is because “Ebisu” is the modern way to write “Yebisu”, as the syllable “ye” and corresponding kana characters have almost completely disappeared from the modern Japanese language and been replaced by the “e”

Leaning tower of Yebisu
Since it is a beer museum, there is nothing but BEER! Leaning Tower of Yebisu Beer cans.

Yebisu Beer
I don’t think they brew the beer here any more.

Beer is expensive
You can join the Beer tour that would end with a glass of beer but since my Japanese is terrible, I opted for my own tour by reading the materials of the history of the beer on the commentary printed on the wall which walked down the history of the Yebisu Beer.

Beer ads
Beer ladies ads in the past.

1st time Yebisu beer was mentioned in manga
Capturing the moment when their beer was drawn into a manga.

Beer vending machine
Why would any tour end without a glass of fresh draft beer. You make your purchase with the vending machine.

Fresh Ruby Red beer
Then you hand over your token to the bartender who exhibited the great Japanese service to me when he stopped and turned his glass so that the logo of the beer glass would be facing the camera so I could have a better photo and he did this when he saw me taking out my camera when he already started the tap.

Red beer time!
I always like to try new things (of course within my courage and taste limits) and so we opted for the KOHAKU Yebisu (琥珀ビル)which is a amber color beer with rich malt flavor.

And do you know that, this jingle plays in Ebisu Station when the train arrives? Some local train stations have their own specific train arrival/departure jingle as part of showing the local specific flavor. So next time, you can try to listen when you are different stations in Japan.


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