Ginza, Japan – Day 1(d)

Ginza @7pm
730pm on the Ginza Streets.

Kani dukuro
Finally made my way to Kani Doraku (かに道楽). Part of a chain originating in Osaka 20 years ago, this is the main shop in Ginza area with a smattering of locations all around Tokyo. If you have been to a crab restaurant in Hokkaido then you can consider giving this a miss as I personally felt the crab tasted way better in Hokkaido. But if you haven’t been to Hokkaido and don’t plan to go there for awhile, then you are going to have a great crab meal. Prices here ain’t cheap but definitely affordable for two if you share 1 set meal which in my opinion is way too much food for 2.

Crab Miso
1st up would be the Crab Miso (actually crab roe) I was surprised that the roe was gray in color.

chilled crab legs
Next up would be the cold crab legs of 3 types of crabs.

Crab sashimi
Next up would be crab sashimi for 1 type of crab from its different body parts. Apparently there is a more fatty vs a less fatty body parts.

Crab chawan mushi
Chawan mushi with sliced crab meat.

Grilled crab meat.

Crab Nabe
Crab leg hot pot

Crab Leg tempura
Crab meat tempura

Crabmeat pressed sushi
Pressed boxed sushi with crab

Red miso crab leg soup
Red miso soup with crab meat.

Lemon sherbet
Much as I hope there was some dessert with something crab inside but no, it is just a lemon sherbet.

please clean your hands
In Singapore, you wash your hands in a bowl of tea with lemon. In Japan, they serve you cold towel with a slice of lemon.

〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座5-13-19 デュープレックス銀座タワー 11・12・13F


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