Niigata, Japan – Day 4(b)

sushi shop
By the time we headed back to Niigata City, it was already past 230pm which most of the sushi shops had already closed for the afternoon. Luckily, the tourist centre right outside the station had a booklet of all the sushi shops around the area for us to decide which ones are still open. Finally decided on Tomizushi (富寿し) which was just 5 minutes walk away from the Niigata Eki. (I just realised that they have a branch in Singapore too, at Parco Marina Bay! No wonder I was thinking why the logo looked so familiar)

Started off with some comfort food of salad and chawan mushi.


niigata local fish sashimi
Niigata local fish sashimi – 3 types.

The more pricey lunch set’s sushi. This Osusume lunch set cost only S$33 in Japan but the same set cost S$45 in the Singapore branch.

sushi from the cheaper set.

salmon head soup
Fish head miso soup



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fish market
Took a bus from Niigata Eki to Bankokubashi (万国橋)for a quick tour of the Bandai Fish Centre (万代島鮮魚センター) Here you can grab your Niigata omiyages and check out all the different fresh fish sold.

niigata view
Looking for a place to check out the aerial view of the Niigata City and yet it is free? The viewing gallery at level 31 of Niigata Nikko Hotel would be the solution.

niigata view
Best time to go would be before the sun set when you can see the transition from the daylight to nightfall and the city’s lights turning on.

niigata view
City view.

〒950-0078 新潟県新潟市中央区万代島5番1号

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We didn’t stay to catch the sunset but made it down for a sunset cruise at Shinano River

almost felt that the cruise was booked by us because there was only 3 passengers on the ride, likely due to a weekday.

I love the serenity of cruising through the water with the winds blowing onto your face.

train bento
train bento
All good things have to come to an end, a short 10 minutes taxi ride back to Niigata station, exchanged for the shinkansen bento…It was a 2.5 hours ride back to Tokyo…..back to the city life….


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  1. xandimusic
    Oct 31, 2011 @ 23:01:28

    Nice pics!

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