Tokyo, Japan – Day 4(c)

A walk around the neighborhood looking for more food. The temperatures dropped to a little chilly for the tropical bones and I seeked some hot food to warm myself up. Saw a group of salarymen standing around eating and chatting at this oden place. I am not a big fan of standing and eating. 😛

Decided on this place. Ikudon (いくどん) The idea of sitting admist charcoal smoke and beer crates seemed a little gratifying at that moment. The kind server even asked if we want to put the box of grapes into their fridge when I was trying to figure out how to put my box of precious grapes away from the charcoal fire.

Then the BBQ started with fresh cabbages for nibbles. Nibbling the crisp cabbage leaves made me feel a little better for eating at such a late hour 🙂

meat choices
Beef, pork and fish cakes were chosen.

Ever tried pork cartilage? I only had chicken cartilage before, definitely my 1st time with pork!

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