Tokyo, Japan – Day 5

Brunch for the last day in Tokyo with the fresh grapes plucked the day before.

neighbourhood walk
A walk in the neighbourhood after a meal.

neighbourhood walk
If you get any bigger, you probably cannot pass through this walkway.

neighbourhood walk
Bicycles a vital part in Japanese lives.

neighbourhood walk
The river that runs through the neighbourhood. Tarmac and wooden walkways for both cyclists and pedestrians.

neighbourhood walk
BBQ pits there. Very different style from the ones in Singapore.

neighbourhood walk
Dam control, can you believe that there were a few occasions that the water level was much higher than the dam height.

Time on the train again towards Ikebukuro.

sunshine aquarium
Sunshine City’s spanking new aquarium which re-opened in August after it was closed for a year long renovation. The place was pretty busy for a weekday afternoon. I guessed it was due to the school holidays? Or maybe it was due to the fact that this place was new.

Lots of marine exhibits around but I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if the big earthquake happened then. Crowd + Water + Marine = not a good combination. Though I think that the thick glasses should be strong enough to withstand any shaking.

sea dragon
1 of my best shot from the dimly lighted place.

scuba feeding
1 of the shows and highly popular one of the underwater feeding of the fish.

A little warped but I was wondering how it would taste 😛

The giant octopus was a little scary


what are they up to
I wonder what are they up too.

Penguins outside.

〒170-0013 東京都豊島区東池袋3丁目1−1

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ice cream
Cute ice cream ad! Too bad I didn’t have the chance to go eat it.

ramen shop
Wanted some ramen before I say good bye. The ratings from Tabelog wasn’t that bad and at such an early dinner hour, can’t afford to be choosy.

The soup base in this shop was fish based, different from the usual miso and pork bones based ones that we are familiar with. I also ordered the Tsukemen (dipping ramen) to try for the 1st time. A funny story to share from the dinner would be that usually extra noodles are added with no additional fee in Japan. I just nodded my head when asked if extra noodles was needed. Both chef and Sushi san’s eyes almost popped when I nodded my head “YES” out of reflex. Apparently, Tsukemen’s noodles portion was already a little extra compared to the normal ramen since the noodles are of a lower temperature compared to the soup based ones. Customers would eat the noodles at a faster rate, so more noodles were given as not to let the customers feel that they were given less noodles. Hence, my bowl of noodles was this gigantic bowl of extra extra noodles. Nearly fell off the chair when I saw the bowl. Price to pay for not leaving the decision making to a Japanese 😛 ごめんね。

warming up
Since the dipping soup would be cooled much faster due to the cold noodles. Hot dipping stones can be requested to warm up the soup.

Next time, I am sticking to the soup ramen. I much much prefer a bowl of hot steaming noodles in the cool weather.

1丁目-31−16 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo 170-0013, Japan

haneda airport
Finally it is time to say good-bye and barely missing the weight limit. I would love to fly in and out of Haneda in the futre due to its location but flight ticket prices are a little pricey through here.

haneda airport
Nevertheless, still intrigued by the smart information board which would show the shops that are still opened or close.


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