Japan Fall Hauls

A trip won’t count as a trip if there was no shopping. I didn’t get too much this time for the beauty haul due to the exorbitant Japanese Yen and a 20Kg weight limit which is pretty much filled up with food and snacks.

fancl hauls
The usual Fancl re-fills of Tense up EX, mild cleansing oil and washing powder. Ever since, I started using the foaming net I have started my penchant with washing powder since it was easier to foam up. Also, facial wash in power form is supposed to more effective since the ingredients is supposed to be locked in powder form. However, how true is it, I won’t know 🙂 Bought the Vision support supplements to try for the 1st time since my usual bilberry supplies from USA is running low. The one from Fancl has DHA added. Nail color remover is my friend’s re-fill, she said it is not too drying on her nails.

d up lash fixer
D-UP Eye lash fixer EX, my holy grail for lash glue. It comes in both black and clear type. Waterproof and could last for a whole day even in our weather when we sweat so much. High up in the Cosme ranking too

misc drugstore
Other drugstore refills, scored a set of the Ma Cherie (Shiseido) Shampoo/Conditioner Set on sale. Looking forward to trying them out since they are not available in Singapore. Foaming net replacement, though recommended to buy it from Daiso because it is so much cheaper there. Japanese eye wash and eye drops are really 1 of my top favorites medicated items that I wont miss. Lycee brand is really popular with the ladies and it comes in cute pink packaging. Eye drops are usually tingling sensation when dripped on the eyes but it definitely freshen ones’ eyes after intensive time on the computer. Eye drop sensational level is differentiated from level 1 – 7 on the packaging, the higher the number the more refreshing it is (ie, more tingling feeling) Z! Pro is on level 7 and has vitamins added for long eye use on the computer or reading.  Eye wash and eye drops are definitely high up on my recommended items to purchase but just choose a appropriate level for your eyes.

cotton pad
Was on a hunt for cotton pad that can be separated out for ease of use when I want to use my toner as a mask. This Unicharm cotton is supposed to be Cosme No 1 for  6 months till Feb 2011.  It is supposed to be more absorbent and hence only half the amount of toner is needed (ie cost saving) I haven’t got the chance to try it out yet. We would see if it is really as it claims when I try it.

kracie mask
Sheet masks from Kracie and Kose Clearturn, both brands are also available in Singapore drugstore. Managed to buy the new Kracie 3D mask for quick moisturizing. (the box on the top left) However, I do not really feel that the 3D masks are really fitting. I prefer the loop around the ears type.

dhs lash tonic
Heard some good reviews of the DHC lash tonic from friends and decided to buy one and try it out since there was a 20% discount then.

hada labo
Friends’ requtest for their Hada Labo refill items, there is definitely some savings compared to the prices in Singapore but it was not as cheap as I saw it last fall. I figured the price went up likely due to the fact that the brand has build up a certain base level of following?

anti aging lotion
Since there was not much price difference, I figured I might as well use the same amount of money to try out some thing new and not available in Singapore. Hence I picked a whitening lotion with Vitamin C added made by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical (小林製薬), the packaging is almost similiar to the Hada Labo’s anti aging lotion.

nail drugstore buys
So much nail product choices in Japan (as always!) Love the fact I can get the stronger acetone remover as the ones in Singapore always take forever to remove the polish.

calgel remover
Due to the increased popularity in deals from Groupon and deals.com, people have been getting a lot of gelish nail manicures. However, the complains I hear from my friends so far are that they were unable to properly remove their gelish nail manicures with their normal nail polish removers. Reason is because the removal process steps for the gelish nails are usually the same as you would as for calgel nails and normal nail polish remover are not strong enough for it. Hence, I would highly recommend the calgel nail remover. Just 15 minutes and you would be able to remove the gelish nail polish off easily and you just need a bottle of this, some alunium foil, a nail file and cotton pads and save yourself $50 to remove the gellish/calgel in the nail salons. Here’s a good summary of the steps in removing the gel nails. (In Chinese though the photos are self explanatory)

gel nail tips
Gelish nail stickers! I haven’t try it yet as I am saving them for Chinese New Year but I am pretty excited about it. Supposed to be similiar to the fake acrylic nails you stick on except these are supposed to look like gel nails.

french nail tips
Another fun find, french nail tips stickers. 2 sets of 10 stickers, good for 2 use. I have tried this and it took a little getting use to pasting the stickers correctly but I was happy with the overall results. From far, you don’t even see the edges of the transparent sticker on the nails.

sanitary panties
Last but not least not in the beauty haul but I still want to share it, some thing that I thought was super interesting as I have never or ever hear/see before. Sanitary panty?! Basically, it is similiar to the normal underwear except that there is extra lining to prevent leakages and looking at the Wacoal website, it comes in all designs and styles! Pardon my ignorance but I thought it was so thoughtful and fancy to me! I bet all the ladies out there who always worry about leakage during heavy flows would like this. 😛


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