What a drink-venture….

1 of the fun things of being in Japan is that there are new food and drink flavors every few months and they would come out with all types of Limited editions or in accordance to the season. There was always a fun find each time I head to the supermarket and new items to try. So this time, I decided to try the alcoholic drinks of all types and variations that I could in 5 days.

Yebisu rohaku
Ebisu Kohaku Beer released on Oct 12, 2011. Not sure if this would be a seasonal drink but amber beer is not common. Bought this for my mum to try out but she doesn’t like the drier after taste to it.

Suntory muscat Peach
Suntory Muscato Peach cocktail, definitely a lady’s drink as it was fizzy and fruity and the sugar level is 50% less.

Takara peach chu hi
Takarashuzo Peach Chu-hi, this brand has a huge product line up for fruit flavored chu-hi with real fruit juice in. Peach is 1 of the summer fruits as hence the Peach edition.

kirin choya
Kirin’s Plum fizzy drink, carbonated plum wine drink. Not my favorite as my tastebuds did not like the plum wine with fizz. 😛 This is definitely another ladies’ drink though.

white grape cocktail
Asahi’s White Grape cocktail, sweet and fizzy drink.

niigata local beer
http://www.echigo-beer.jp/cgi-local/shop/goods_detail.cgi?CategoryID=000003&GoodsID=00000014, this one made with rice. Felt like drinking a mix of sake + beer.

niigata local beer
Another Niigata local beer from the same brewery, this one is made with German techniques.

pepper chicken potato sticks
Non drinks related but a new flavor of Jagarigo from Calbee, pepper chicken flavored potato sticks!


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